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    Saint Life

    Cosmic Saint Summer Tour With Lewis Bloyce - Toronto

    This year we took the Cosmic Saint Summer Tour to three cities Toronto, Oslo and Prague. We were extremely surprised at the level of culture and awareness for UK Street fashion.

    We started the tour in the major Canadian city along Lake Ontario’s northwestern shore Toronto.

    Cosmic hit Toronto for just over a week and boy did we get it in.
    We bumped into a couple of dudes at the Vitaly @vitalydesign pop up shop right in the heart of Toronto city centre. 
    Soon after that, we had our own backdoor key to the city! For your reference - the dudes were called Nick @clubdaddy & Josha @joshawal
    In between the backdoor tours, I got to shoot  and style one of Toronto's young creatives - Micah Pleasant @mpx with his finger on the pulse of every current trend he's one to watch. I rocked with him for the day and shot some gold, images inset! 
    The final few days were dope, the boys pulled me to APT 200, which in the name says it all... A once apartment, now converted to a loft style bar (with the apartment vibe) - where the likes of Toronto's best, such a Roy Woods and Majid Jordan just pass through sometimes... Not whilst I was around / but even so! 
    As lucky as I am, I just managed to miss drakes free show that he put on pre VIEWS - but my heart was there. 
    Toronto is a city for saints, I can confirm that for sure.