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    News — Cosmic Saint

    Cosmic Saint Summer Tour With Lewis Bloyce - Prague

    The Old and Slightly Ghostly city of Prague was an interesting visit for Cosmic - the third and final trip of the season for us. 
    Style was something that the people didn't seem to care about... Until...
    I was out eating dinner, steak.
    Yung Lean had just finished his headline show at the venue next door (how lucky) so out poured 100+ kids laced in the finest supreme and palace, rare rare rare.......
    I managed to sneak a little talk to a few of the less excitable youths, to get the scoop on the scene. 
    Turns out there really isn't a huge scene there and I may have actually been with every single teenage fashion lover in the city at that moment. 
    When two of the most important street wear retailers have everything the game needs right now, on smash - it's hard to get a consumers attention, but we won't stop. 
    Work was done, one final shoot to close the 3 episode series. 
    We played with a now closed industrial rail yard and some pretty sweet streets. 

    Cosmic Saint Summer Tour With Lewis Bloyce - Oslo


    I touched down in the clean city of Oslo, one of the big 3 Scandinavian cities!
    It's a tough one this one, the scene is very concentrated here and I searched far and wide to find an opening. 
    Stores stocked the likes of Damir Doma, Rick Owens, Alexander McQueen, Haider Ackerman and many more. The message in the city is luxury... Where do cosmic sit? 
    The Scandi look is one of the most concentrated pockets of style in this game and it's damn sure one of the most difficult to break (if someone was ever to try)
    Non the less, I worked with a lovely lady (phylis) @gamlefy and shot some gold! 
    This was MY break, into the scandi pocket.